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  • Sometimes you just need the right idea to create something marvellous and the same goes for Vodka! 42 Below is born from an idea of Geoff Ross, a smart and resourceful New Zealander who, looking at the advertisement of an american vodka on a magazine, evaluating the climate and resources present in New Zeland, realized that he could produce it too, and so he did! After two years of testing the right grain (only organic no O.G.M.), the best water and the right distillation procedure; 42 Below was born. A vodka that distinguished itself for its delicacy, awarded more than once and appreciated world wide. Its name references its production latitude: Wellington situated on the 42° parallel and 42% in alcohol content.

  • Who wouldn’t be able to to distinguish an Absolute Vodka bottle amongst many others?

  • Younger brother of the well known Fernet, Brancamenta has a more recent history in the national panorama of liquors, born from the wise hands of the Branca brothers, historical liquor company in Milan since 1845. This amaro has the same base as Fernet, with the addition of a secret blend of herbs and spices, plus essential oil of pepper mint from Piedmont, the most balsamic and precious mint world wide. An innovative product imagined for a younger way of drinking amaro; union between the classic and the modern, Brancamenta is able to conquer at first taste for its intense flavour.

  • Characterized by the dense and bitter notes that have rendered it a distinctive and unequalled drink, amaro Fernet Branca has a particular spiced after taste, where every component is distinguishable thanks to a different taste and a steady flavour. Bitter since its inception in 1845, it is produced still today following the ancient recipe of the Branca brothers, a secret passed down in generations, in order to maintain the title of true Italian tonic liquor.

  • Distilled with more than 4o different herbs and spices, the Unicum Amaro is one of the most ancient herb liquors in Europe, with more than 200 years of history at its back. It is said that. in 1790, Doctor Zwack: court doctor of Giuseppe II Hungarian Emperor, offered the Emperor a sip of this herbal digestive and the Kings comment was: “das ist ein unikum!”, naming this this ancient liquor. The herbs and spices come from the 5 continents and are picked and grinded by hand, still following the ancient recipe and the aging process in oak barrels.

  • The perfect balance between aged Irish Whiskey and the freshest local milk cream, with a touch of vanilla and cocoa, it is now a cult liquor, part of the collective idea of a Whiskey cream. Only the best ingredients like the nectar from the distilleries to exalt the richness of the milk cream, fine cocoa and exquisite vanilla to compose a secret recipe unvaried in the years. Produced and bottled up exclusively in Ireland, it underlines the importance of its roots.

  • Created by James Borrough in 1800 this Gin is the only one amongst the whole category to be entirely distilled and produced in the centre of London. Its name comes from the guards who patrolled the city Tower and the image of one of them has indeed become the representing symbol for the brand, unchanged throughout the centuries.  Characterized by a dry taste and unmistakable aroma, it results in a meticulous choice of ingredients, all natural, and with an addition of 24 hours in infusion time compared to traditional gins. All the procedures occur under the vigilant eye of Desmond Payne, Master Blender, and trustworthy keeper of the original secrets that contribute in maintaining intact the unequalled quality that defines this Gin as the fundamental ingredient for several cocktails.


    – Bronze Medal (San Francisco World Spirits Competition)

    – Silver Medal (International Spirits Challenge)


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