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Brezzo Rhododendron Honey


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Rhododendron honey is absolutely one of the most precious and appreciated honey. It is collected in the period from late June to early July in the meadows of blooming rhododendron in the Alpine valleys, at an altitude of almost 2000 meters. At this altitude, the risks are different (night temperatures drops to a few degrees above zero and in general the weather is very variable, it also frequently snows) making it the work of bees and honey collection particularly difficult and tricky.

The honey that you get though is a delicacy and of a quality such as to repay the beekeeper of all his efforts. The colour is clear, the crystallization of fine and creamy, with crystals pleasing to the palate.

In the mouth, the sensations are pleasant and a sweet taste very strong. The delicate aroma is enhanced by a note of freshness and floral.

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