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allspice corns

Castroni Allspice Corns


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Allspice (Pimenta dioica (L.) Merr.) Is an evergreen tree of Mirtacee, a native of Jamaica and neighboring areas, which yields a spice known by the name of allspice, pimienta (which indicates in modern Spanish pepper), pepper of Jamaica or clove pepper. In the past the plant was also known by the Portuguese name Pimenteira.
In Jamaica, which is the largest producer, it is used in local dishes of roast pork, stews, to spice beef or chicken making marinade before grilling (jerk) and a liqueur called ” Pimento Dram “. In the Mexican kitchen enters into the composition of the mole and in the preservation of foods in brine said pickling. In Europe, where it is less used, it is used in commercial spice mixtures used to flavor the sausages. In England it is much used in stews, sauces and for flavoring pickled vegetables (together with white mustard seeds) and in pancakes. It is much appreciated by the Danish for the preparation of smørrebrød (white bread sandwiches with sausage, meat, fish, cheese and vegetables). It is also used for the composition of some liquors such Benedicine and Chartreuse. To end with the Asian cuisine, it is one of the basic ingredients of curry.

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