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black mustard seeds

Castroni Black Mustard Seeds


Quick Overview

The black mustard (Brassica nigra) is a herbaceous plant, annual, of the family Brassicaceae.
Of Indian origin, it is widespread in central and southern Europe, northern Africa and western Asia; in Italy it grows in all regions.
Seeds are globular, with dark brown colour, and without fragrance. If chewed raw, it feels slightly pungent in the mouth, but if brown it in the pan, it develops its entirely characteristic flavour, which is intense and sharp, typically used in many sauces.
The black mustard is present in almost all the dishes of South India. The small dark seeds are browned in butter or oil until they crackle, a process that makes the flavour rich and persistent with an aftertaste reminiscent of hazelnut. Less frequently it is also used in Oriental kitchens. Along with clear mustard it is used to prepare the famous Dijon mustard. It can be added also during the cooking of tasty soups.
It is excellent both in grain or coarsely crushed in a mortar, for example from sprinkle on meat before cooking.

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