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chopped chilli

Castroni Chopped Chilli


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The pepper belongs to the genus Capsicum, of the family Solanaceae. It is native to the Americas but it is now grown all over the world. The species and varieties of chili are now more than 4,000, and the most popular is definitely the Capsicum Annum, cultivated since the time of the Aztecs.
In the kitchen, chili, can be used either fresh or dried, whole, ground or powdered, to flavor salads, sauces, but also meats, cheeses and meats. Widely used in Southern Italy, especially in Calabria and Sicily, it has become common in all countries of the Mediterranean.
Today it is fashionable to use it even in some desserts, including chocolate. In Africa it is used in the composition of many blends and each country has a typical dish that uses it. In Tunisia is used to prepare the harissa, a spicy sauce, in Senegal is used to prepare the Yassa chicken seasoned with lemon, onion and chili.
In Central America, home of the pepper, is used for sauces and to flavour meat dishes, especially in Mexico in the composition of mole poblano, a sauce made with hot peppers, chocolate and raisins used to accompany the turkey. In China, Sambal, made with rice, raisins, cinnamon and chili.

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