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Castroni Cracked Laurel Leaves


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The laurel (Laurus nobilis L.) is an aromatic plant belonging to the family Lauraceae, widespread in Mediterranean zones.
The fresh leaves of the laurel are characterized by a strong aroma, typical and slightly bitter.
Once dried, the leaves are able to maintain the organoleptic properties and nutrients, without losing the characteristic scent that sets them apart.
The drying occurs at low temperatures, away from the sun, and improves the fragrance making it softer and resinous.
The Laurel is used in many Western cuisines to flavour soups, stews, sauces, sausages and foods canned in oil or vinegar. Also very suitable for the combination with fish-based dishes.
The British do it boiled in milk to prepare the “creme brule.” Others treat it with alcohol in order to obtain a fragrant and aromatic liquor with digestive properties.
In the house it is also used as a remedy to ward off moths from the closets (great substitute camphor).

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