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Castroni Dill Leaves


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The dill (scientific name Anethum graveolens L.) is a herbaceous plant with small flowers belonging to the family Apiaceae.
The dill is grown mainly as a condiment plant. The leaves and seeds are very aromatic. It is similar to the fennel for its smell and its properties, hence their names: bastard fennel, stinking fennel and fennel Rizu. The warm and slightly spicy flavour, vaguely reminiscent of cumin.
The leaves, fresh or dried, are a spice widely used in Germany, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and also in India and in several other countries around the world, mainly in dishes based on fish or to flavour sauces and marinades or vinegrette . It is the essential aroma of Swedish Gravad Lax, raw salmon marinated in a mixture of salt, sugar, pepper and, of course, very dill.
The seeds are used to flavour liqueurs and jams. From the seeds it is also obtained an oil (Oil of dill) that facilitate digestion. The infusion of seeds of dill calm hiccups, vomiting and is useful for colic of children. Great diuretic, antispasmodic and deworming.

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