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Castroni Estragone Leaves


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Estragone or tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus, L.) is a perennial plant, aromatic and bitter, native of southern Siberia and southern Russia, which belongs to the Asteraceae family. In Italy is a cultivated species, rarely grows wild. It is also called “dragon,” “tarfone”, “Tragone”, “serpentariaā€¯.
It is cultivated in Western Europe for its culinary uses. Leaves and flowers are harvested in the warmer months. It is widely used in the Tuscan and French cuisine to flavour fish, eggs and other dishes. It is a major component of bearnaise sauce that is used to flavor grilled meat.
It has antiseptic properties and digestive. The leaves contain minerals and vitamins A and C. Chew the leaves reduces the sensitivity of the taste buds, favoring the intake of bitter medicine. Usually the leaves are used by an infusion. The roots give relief to sore throat and the infusion of the leaves stimulates the appetite.

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