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garlic granules

Castroni Garlic Granules


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Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a cultivated bulbous plant, traditionally assigned to the family Liliaceae, but that the recent APG III classification attributes to the Amaryllidaceae (subfamily Allioideae).
Because of its widespread cultivation garlic  is considered almost ubiquitous, but its origins are Asian (they were also found traces in southwestern Siberia), which spread rapidly in the Mediterranean and already known in ancient Egypt.
Its first use is to seasoning; It is consumed raw or cooked, fresh or dried, whole, sliced, chopped, powder. It’s perfect for sauces (such as bagna cauda, ​​pesto, aioli, tzatziki) or long cooking type stews or casseroles. Mixed with herbs, spices or salt is essential to create flavourful marinades or “rub” used to flavour meat and fish before grilling.
Because of its healing properties, attributed jointly by science and popular traditions, it is considered useful for therapeutic purposes against colds and influenza or for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, bronchitis catarrhal, and helminthiasis.
Consumption of garlic gives a general sense of well being to the body for its anti bacterial action so anti-infective.

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