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pepe verde

Castroni Green Pepper Corns


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The pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is a plant from the family of Piperacee, native of India, cultivated for its fruits, which are then dried to be used as a spice. The same fruit through different processing procedures is used to produce white pepper, black pepper and pepper.
Green pepper is produced from unripe fruit. It may be dried, by treating it with sulfur dioxide, in order to maintain the green color of the fruit. It can be pickled. In Madagascar it is obtained by drying it at high temperatures under vacuum with a process similar to the lyophilization.
It has fresh and fruity aroma and is less spicy than black pepper. It goes well with fish and meat both white and red (very popular is the filet with green pepper) and also with legumes and vegetable soups.

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