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rosemary ground

Castroni Ground Rosemary


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The rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis, L., 1753) is a shrub belonging to the family Lamiaceae.
Native of Europe, Asia and Africa, now grows naturally in the Mediterranean coastal areas, garrigue, scrubland, rocky cliffs and sunny inland, from sea level up to the hill, but it is now acclimatised well in the area of alpine lakes and in the Po Valley in stony and hilly places. It is known in Italy also with the common name of Ramerino or Ramerrino; the name comes from the Latin words ros and Maris: Dew of the Sea.
It has a Mediterranean flavour and it is hard to find anywhere else; It is perfect in red sauces and meat sauce, meat and fish roasted or grilled, in breads and buns but also to the vegetables and, especially, to potatoes. The fresh needles’ rosemary have the taste of camphor and pine, it is better to use it when buckets to give the dishes a milder flavour.
Its properties are antiseptic, balsamic and anti-inflammatory. It stimulates the nervous system and alleviates headaches.

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