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castroni senape gialla

Castroni Ground Yellow Mustard


Quick Overview

The yellow mustard (Brassica alba) is a herbaceous plant, annual, of the family Brassicaceae.
Originally from the Mediterranean, it has spread in all regions with temperate climates. The seeds are spherical and bright yellow. Their flavor is more delicate than the black variety.
The yellow mustard powder is essentially used for the production of mustard cream that accompanies many dishes throughout the Western world. In Paris and Dijon (Mustard capital) you can buy fresh on tap, like beer. For sauces made of mustard seeds, it is usually mixed vinegar, cloves, turmeric, nutmeg, white pepper and sugar. It can also simply be used when cooking roast to obtain funds savory and pleasant texture. The seeds are often found in salads and pickles. In England, the mustard is frequently marketed powder rather than seeds. In this form it can also be used for marinades and “rub”.
Useful also in all respiratory diseases and as a mouthwash especially viral pharyngitis.

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