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herbes de provence

Castroni Herbes de Provence


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Herbs of Provence (or Proven├žal herbs) are a mixture of dried herbs, invented in Provence (south of France) in the 70s, and now spread throughout the Mediterranean region.
The herbs used, whose proportions (and presence) may vary depending on the manufacturer, are usually rosemary, savory, basil, lavender, marjoram, and oregano.
Herbs of Provence enclose in their aromatic bouquet all the scents of the Mediterranean. It is a mixture suited to flavour fish and white meat, eggs and sauces and dishes of steamed vegetables and legumes. Also good for marinating meat to be cooked on the grill. Basically it is added before or during cooking, and not once finished; herbs of Provence are also used to cook and flavour the oil before adding it to the food.

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