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macis flower

Castroni Macis Flower


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The Mace (also called mace or nutmeg flower) is a culinary spice, native to the Moluccas.
The Mace is a “aril”, a laminated film that surrounds the core of nutmeg (which contains the seed that we use for cooking). Mace is bright red in the fresh fruit; lights orange with drying.
The mace, that has a more delicate flavour of nutmeg, is used in the kitchen for savory dishes coloured light and bright, yellow or orange, as used the  saffron, as well as in the preparation of mixtures of spices (such as curry), in spicy vinegars, for the preservation of vegetables or preparation of homemade liqueurs such as walnut. It is pleasant in cheese sauces and freshly grated. It is also used for soups, or white fish. The Swedish cuisine uses it in spiced cookies, cakes and even in meatballs.

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