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Castroni Marjoran Leaves


Quick Overview

Marjoram (also called Persia in some regions) is a species of the genus Origanum, belongs to the family of Lamiaceae, and is native of Europe and central and southern regions of Asia. It is the species that is used as an herb in the kitchen and is different from Origanum vulgare because of the smell and the delicate taste.
The leaves of marjoram are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, both fresh and dried. The leaves are used to spice any type of dish, first and main course, vegetables, legumes, pizza, going for cheese, bread, omelettes, up to liqueurs. It is considered the plant of happiness: thanks to its principles is good for the palate but also for the welfare of the body.
The marjoram smell, however, strong and at the same time pretty sweet, it loses much of its flavour if exposed too long to cook, so marjoram is usually added uncooked to recipes, or at least almost cooked.

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