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Castroni Mintgrass Leaves


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The mintgrass (Clinopodium nepeta), also known as “mentuccia”, is an aromatic herb of the family Lamiaceae, used in cooking and herbal medicine. It takes its name from the Etruscan town of Nepeti, where it was grown.
Very widespread in Central and Southern Europe, in Italy it is used from north to south in many different ways. In Sicily it is used in the process of aromatization of olives, for the taste and the smell that transmits when placed in brine with them. In Lazio it is used for the preparation of roman artichokes. In Irpinia, under the name of “Zenzifero”, it is merged with the ricotta to constitute the ravioli filling, or omelets, and is also used to prepare a particular aromatic liquor. In Tuscany, is used to season mushrooms.
It has a faint smell of mint, less intense of spearmint (Mentha pulegium), which has a much stronger flavour.

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