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peppermix corns

Castroni Peppermix Corns


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The pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is a plant of the Piperacee family, cultivated for its fruit which are then dried to be used as a spice. The same fruit through different processing procedures is used to produce white pepper, black pepper and green pepper.
The plant is native to southern India and is grown extensively both in India and in tropical countries. The ripe fruit looks like a dark red berry, has a diameter of about five millimeters and contains a single seed.
Pepper is one of the most common spices in European cuisine and its derivatives are known and appreciated since ancient times both for their taste and for their use in Ayurvedic medicine. Its spicy taste is given by the piperine.
Pepper Creole or Peppermix is a mixture of white pepper, black pepper, green pepper, red pepper and allspice.

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