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Castroni Sage Leaves


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The plant that is popularly called Salvia without other qualifiers, or common sage, is described by the scientific name of Salvia officinalis, one of nearly 1000 species belonging to the genus Salvia.
Salvia is used in cooking since ancient times. The Greeks considered it a miracle plant.
Despite its Mediterranean origin, the presence of the sage to flavour various kinds of meat is established for centuries in almost all European culinary traditions. In Roman cuisine its┬áthe basic ingredient of “saltimbocca”, in Hungary and the Balkans is often associated with paprika, while in the Middle East sage is used to flavour the roast mutton.
Less common but not rare is the use of sage for different types of foods: pasta (well-known in Italy tortelloni with butter and sage), cheeses (for example, some cheese with herbs), fried sage leaves and even soups.
Tonic of the nervous system, sage has a high antiseptic effect and is also digestive and calming.

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