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paprika forte castroni

Castroni Strong Paprika


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Paprika is the Hungarian national spice without which many typical dishes may not be cooked.
Commonly used in powder form, it is obtained by grinding the seeds and pulp of different varieties of Capsicum annuum previously dried, which have very different color and degree of hotness. For this reason, the paprika may be: fine, sweet, semi sweet, strong, pink; more seeds are present at the time of grinding and drying more the paprika will be spicy. By varying the spiciness often it corresponds also a variation of the powder color tone: the more dark red is the color, the more sweet is the paprika; as it is clear, and yellowish, its more spicy.
Paprika is used in many preparations of Hungarian cuisine, and abroad is best known for the abundant use made in the preparation of goulash. It is also present in some recipes of the Balkan kitchens, particularly in some areas of the ex-Yugoslavia, where it is an indispensable ingredient to prepare ćevapčići. Many Spanish dishes, Portuguese and Turkish use paprika to make sauces, soups and marinades. In India is  used to make the Tandoori chicken and in many spice mixtures. It is an hummus addition, in the Arab countries. Mayonnaise Paprika is ideal for crabs and shellfish in general.
Paprika has a delicate flavour, slightly bitter, slightly spicy and quite aromatic. Its spicy side is very sweet and thanks to this exalted dishes with a spicy and aromatic touch that “neutralizes” the spicy chili flavor.

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