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Castroni White Pepper Corns


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The white pepper is obtained from the processing of fruits of Piper Nigrum, a plant belonging to the Piperaceae family from which black and green pepper are also obtained. The ripe fruits are required to soak in water for a week to be shelled. In this way the pulp, (composed of exocarp and mesocarp) decomposes and can easily be removed and the seed is dried. By removing the mesocarp it is lost a little bit of flavour in it, for that white pepper is pungent like black pepper, but has a much milder flavour.
White pepper is perfectly suited to all dishes with a delicate taste like seafood or white meat. Perfect for flavouring sauces, boiled potatoes and pickles. Because of its delicacy, it is also used in some desserts.
Abroad, white pepper is widely used in Chinese cuisine because its aroma is less pungent than the black one and fits better with bitter-sweet flavours.
In France, the white pepper berries are ground together with those of black pepper to get the Mignonette sauce, a mixture widely used in French cuisine to flavour oysters.

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