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Castroni Whole Nutmegs


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Nutmegs are part of the Myristicacee family and are native of the Banda Islands, Eastern Indonesia. They look like a big oval seeds of dark beige, with special flavour and odor, due to the presence of an aromatic oil.
Its a well known and widely used spice in the kitchen. In the Middle Ages it was considered precious and its price was so high that only rich people could buy it. It can be found whole or minced. It has a special flavour, sweet and spicy together. Its use is very wide: flavour to puree, sauce, onion sauce, stuffed with meat like tortellini and ravioli, pies, puddings, custards and ice creams.
It is also present in the composition of many mixtures including the Garam Masala (India), the Ras-al-Hanout (Morocco), and Baharat (Saudi Arabia). In Greece and Turkey it is used in the preparation of Mussaka.
In traditional medicine nutmeg is a stimulant and digestive, excellent antiseptic for rheumatic and neuralgic pains.

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