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Midori Melon


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Maybe, not everyone knows that Japan, fascinating land rich of history and culture, is not only famous for the supercities and the cherry gardens, for sushi and for the samurai’s, but it is also well known for the production of juicy and fragrant melons. In the countryside around the city of Yubari, a small community of farmers grow a rare variety of this fruit: the Yubari King, its excellence is so that it may cost up to 12.00 Euros! Suntory, is a well known Japanese producer and distributer of alcoholic drinks. He took the juice from the best melons and created a liquor unique in its genre: fresh, tasty and perfumed, the Midori, (meaning green in Japanese, like its colour). This liquor was born in 1971 for barmen and from that moment it has made history of the international blends, becoming the perfect ingredient for the creation of unusual and rewarded cocktails.

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