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Martelli Classic Penne


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This artisan pasta is obtained by mixing slowly the best italian durum wheat semolina with cold water. The pasta is formed using bronze dies and dries at a low temperature (33°- 36° for about 50 hours) which makes it rough and porous. The result is a delicious pasta which retains every sauce and condiments very well. Since 1926 the only people who have been working at the Martelli pasta factory are family members, which combine their expertise with passion, and continue to make pasta based on traditional italian craftsmanship.

Curiosity: Martelli is the only pasta company not producing ridged penne. These classic penne respect the old Italian tradition and are smooth, delicate and so porous that they don’t need ridges to hold the sauce. Try them with butter and cheese and taste the difference….

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durum wheat semolina


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